Yoiko – 01 [An]

Hello all. As we (or rather edogawa) wraps up Konoao 13 (12 to come with it) and the final versions (v3) of encore, we may have come across a point where anime-rg would no longer exist or be on-hold for a long period of time. So, before that ever occurs and to continue our support as “researchers” to the love for Japanese medium, I, alchemist11 (the non-Indonesian freelancer), bring you the very first anime-rg joint. What does a joint mean for anime-rg? Primarily, no more “slow” releases. It may be slightly still, but not “too-lazy to-do-anything” slow. 😛 And yes, do blame edogawa for all those delays. So, what is this anime, Yoiko, about? Refer to ANN or wikipedia for a synopsis.

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6 thoughts on “Yoiko – 01 [An]”

  1. that was awesome!! months ago I read about this anime and I have been loking for it since then. men thanks for your amazing work and please continue with this project

    1. Hm, let’s see: We have till episode 4 translated, so far. Episode 3-20 needs timing before we proceed to the translation. Jupiter is able to do 4 eps a week, and provided the timer isn’t busy with work and his usual catching up with anime, I’d say within 6 months at the least. I’m going to try and push to get this done in under a year. Though, I really don’t want to bid farewell to it so fast… Because after this, I don’t want myself working on another loli anime like Ichigo or harem like Konoao. I really dislike moe/loli/tsundere/ and harem animes. Would love to do another 90’s anime, maybe related with cooking.

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