D-Frag! Ch 56 [Mg]

Real EnemyYes, this arc is finally over! It took the mangaka around 11 chapter to finish this arc so that means he took almost a year for this. Anyway, next time the setting return to the school.

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11 thoughts on “D-Frag! Ch 56 [Mg]”

  1. Do you mind putting up a mirror. Dropbox is stopping my download at 819 KB for some reason.

    It happened with the last chapter too but since you put up the DDL I was able to snag it from there.

  2. now that the anime is over I’m really glad that I your translation, now I can read the manga to follow the anime, thank you guys.

    Ps: I love the translator notes 😀

  3. Sorry to bother you, but can you give any information about the progress in the 57th chapter? Also, the new Drama CD can now be downloaded from the Internet, do you plan to translate into english?

    Keep up with the good work and sorry about the bad english.

    1. It’s almost done but some of our staff got some real life business so I’m still waiting for them to return first. We don’t have plan for the Drama CD until we catch up with the raw first (hopefully).

      1. I was finding strange that there was no new information about the chapter, so I asked that.

        Thank you for the reply and sorry for bothering you. And keep up the good work.

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