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  1. Seriously? A question mark?

    They did that back at the old films to hide the identity of a major character before he appeared. Holy shit, does this mean they got Shawn Connery to voice himself?

    Hell, just thinking about someone trying to copy his accent for the Drama CD makes me crack.

  2. Thanks for the chapter. Also for reference in page 15, all 3 characters are voiced by same VA in the animes…I think.

  3. Thanks for the new chapter.
    Btw, have you guys managed to get the first drama CD? I some how managed to get one so I can provide a copy if wanted.

      1. No worries. What do you need? I can upload an image of the CD, MP3/FLAC tracks from the CD or take a picture/scan or something. If you want scans of the comic that comes with it… I’ll need to see how to do that.

        1. How about the image just in case the encoder decides to do Vorbis, AAC or AC3? As for the CD scans (all pages of included booklet, if any, the cover, the back, cd itself, and any extras), you’d have to use a scanner for that. In terms of where to upload it and how to share it with us: If the size is less than 200 MB, use mediafire, if not, use megaupload (1 gig limit). Feel free to put the image in parts (preferred .7z – better compression than .zip and .rar). Email it directly to me (I’ll be the transporter) @ jonnyquesty2k [at] gmail.com //Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the new chapter =)
    BTW, I really want to translate this manga into vietnamese, but I only find RAW of Vol 1-3 (chapter 1-21), and I can’t find RAW of chapter 22-33 🙁
    Could you guys share me the RAW, please?
    I really apprciate if you guys can share me the RAW.
    Once again, thank for the new chapter =)

        1. It’s not a web-site, but a Japanese P2P program. Due to legal reasons, I won’t link any web-sites for you to download it, but after searching Google, you can find it.

    1. go to google, type in jcafe d-frag…ull have to register and make one forum post but youll find raws for vol 1,2,3 and chaps to 36

      1. if u guys r still interested in the drama cd, there seems to be clips on youtube now, unsubbed tho ><

        1. We’ve already received the iso image of the first drama cd and are working on it. There are 6 tracks or so and only two have been translated (or rather, I have received only two).

      2. We are well aware of jcafe, however, as were getting ours from Share/WinNY too, acquiring raws is not an issue for us. If would like to know why there is a hold-up, check out the extra page in chapter 33 if you haven’t done so already.

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