17 thoughts on “D-Frag! ch. 31 [Mg]”

  1. Thanks! Doing it really fast. Wonder who was updating MU but I hope that they get the message now

      1. Ah sorry, It’s my mistake earlier this morning since I thought it’s been released so I just try to put it in Mangaupdates

      2. oh by the way, the relaese of d-frag is once per month, not bi-weeky. I guess i mix up the date release with saki…
        I guess still have some reluctance at those series….

  2. bwahahaha, so that’s why 32 not released yet XD

    good, so I could goofing off from translating ch 33 :-“

    1. Actually, no. 😀 There is a specific reason to why I release single chapters at a time. You can IM me if you want to know the details.

      1. I’m actually glad you’re waiting a bit between chapters. For some stories that have an ongoing story, it’s nice to have a set of chapters so that certain events can actually pass, but a manga like this where each chap is more or less a standalone, I say one chap at a time. That way, more discussion can be had per chapter.

        Oh, and thanks for the chapter (9,9)!…

  3. Thank you based filesonic for making me wait 15 minutes between downloads.

  4. “I believe the colour of the pages were intentional to reduce the overall size of each chapter.”

    Wait, what? You aren’t doing a good job them, because they could be reduced to much less without messing with the colors in the end. Here’s you page, with roughly the half of the size. This is proper optimization. Oh, and even the raw has a smaller file size.

    “As for the proofreading. I do the best I can given the translation. If it has translation mistakes, I cannot do anything about it. fidzerone’s first language isn’t English, but he tries the best he can to make it out.”

    I have the raws. And no, as far as I can tell the translations are good. The problem lies in the proofreading. There are a lot of grammatical mistakes, and it’s the proofreader’s job to fix them. Page 18, chapter 31. “It’s stinks too!!” is the most recent mistake I’ve found.

    Well, you can consider this as spam. And by doing so it’ll mean you just can’t take criticism. I’m out.

    1. That is correct. I cannot.

      At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. We all do this for free. We input time, money, resources, and our sane consciousness. In return, we get pretty much nothing. Perhaps self-satisfaction. Making mistakes is common (no matter how many or how severe) in every day life. We learn from it too. Your approach to criticism came in a manner disrespectful to me. If you had simply stated that there are mistakes in some of the pages, instead of starting out with “Is this even proofread?”, I would have adhered to it and fixed it. That said, comments are now locked on this post.

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