Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions. ^.^

Playback & Encode Information
Torrent Trackers
IRC Triggers
File-share Services


Q: What are the web-site rules?
A: You can read the web-site rules Here

Q: What are the IRC rules?
A: You can read the IRC rules Here


Q: What positions are you recruiting?
A: Please read the Recruiting page.

Q: I’m interested. Who do I contact?
A: Please contact EdogawaConan or any ~/@ on IRC or by email.

Playback & Encode InformationUp

Q: I can’t play this file and/or the subtitles won’t display!
A: Please read the Playback Help page.

Q: Why won’t you release Xvid.avi? It’s not fair!
A: We’re sorry you feel this way. However, xvid is an archaic codec. We will probably never release xvid, no matter how much you whine and complain. We will always use h264.mp4 or h264.mkv depending on the project.

Q: Why don’t you release a h264.mp4 version so that I can play it on my Xbox?
A: We’ll be honest… We don’t want to. Perhaps you can Google for demuxing, converting, and hard-subbing information. Then do it yourself.

Torrent TrackersUp

Q: Where do I find Anime-RG’s Releases?
A: You find our releases at either Tokyo Toshokan or Baka-Updates. We only submit to Tokyo Toshokan.

Q: Why do you use multiple trackers?
A: We use multiple trackers because some trackers are banned by universities and internet service providers. If you are someone that is banned by all of the trackers that we use, please use the file-share download links or search for a direct download site. WE WILL NOT REMAKE A TORRENT WHEN MULTIPLE TRACKERS ARE ALREADY BEING USED.

Q: Why don’t you use Scarywater as one of your trackers?
A: Believe it or not, this is a very common question. A very annoying one too. Therefore, it has made it to the FAQ page. The answer is quite simple. Scarywater does not allow licensed anime. Seriously, please stop asking…

Q: This torrent is dead, will you reseed?
A: After some time has passed, a torrent will unfortunately die. Please try to use a file-share download link. If one is not available, you may request a reseed by posting at the Reseed Forum or on IRC

Q: The torrent is too slow!
A: We have very limited distro at this time. As usual we are always looking for dedicated seeders. Until more dedicated seeders are recruited, we are limited to residential ISP speeds. Please use the file-share download links or download later when there are more seeds. Complaining on IRC will get you nothing except maybe a ban.

IRC TriggersUp

Q: What happened to the trigger bot?
A: It died. Please read this post.

Q: What are the channel triggers?
A: Please read the following:

  • On join – You recieve this notice when you join the channel.
    Welcome to Anime-RG, Yournick! – [Triggers]: !new | !releases | !konoa | !5cm | !br | !fsnrn |!gno | !vvv | !ddl | !triggers | !playback | !recruiting | !rules | !faq
  • !triggers – This will list all of the available channel triggers.
    [Triggers]: !new | !releases | !konoa | !5cm | !br | !fsnrn |!gno | !vvv | !ddl | !triggers | !playback | !recruiting | !rules | !faq
  • !new – This will list our latest release.
    [New]: release title
    [Torrents]: torrent file
    [DDL]: download page
  • !releases – This will list our release triggers.
    (description – E.G: example)
    [Releases]: !new (newest release) | !konoa (Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo – E.G: !konoa01) | !5cm (5 Centimeters per Second – E.G: !5cm) | !br (Busou Renkin – E.G: !br) | !fsnrn (Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua – E.G: !fsnrn) |!gno (Gin-iro no Olynssis – E.G: !gno01) | !vvv (Venus Versus Virus – E.G: !vvv) | E.G: = (http://tinyurl.com/2l8em7)
  • !recruiting – This will send you a link to our Recruiting page.
    [Recruiting]: http://rgfansub.wordpress.com/recruitment/
  • !playback – This will send you a link to our Playback Help page.
    [Playback]: http://rgfansub.wordpress.com/playback/
  • !faq – This will send you a link to our Frequently Asked Questions page.
    [FAQs]: http://rgfansub.wordpress.com/downloads/faqs/
  • !ddl – This will send you a link to our Download page. This page contains file-share links and sites that host our releases.
    [DDL]: http://rgfansub.wordpress.com/downloads/
  • !rules – This will send you a link to our Rules page.
    [Rules]: http://rgfansub.wordpress.com/faqs/rules/
  • !list – This will send you the following message:
    [XDDC Bots]: Anime-RG does not have bots at this time.
    (Please note, that we are not responsible for guest fserves or their content)

Q: Why do I get an error when I type a trigger, yet others work fine?
A: Please read the following information:

  • !konoa – [Error]: USE A NUMBER! –> [Example]: !konoa01
  • !konoa# – [Error]: Use the two digit number of the episode.
  • !konoa01 – Yay, You received a notice with the information!
  • !5cm – Complete, No multiple triggers for now…
  • !br – Incomplete, No multiple triggers due to the massive amount of triggers required for the same information.
  • !vvv – Complete, No multiple triggers.
  • !lb – Complete, No multiple triggers.
  • !fsna – Complete, No multiple triggers.
  • !fsnrn – Complete, No multiple triggers.

Q: What does E.G mean?
A: You can find the definition here.


Q: Where are your bots?
A: We don’t have the resources to pay for a bot at this time. Until funds are available or a bot owner is recruited, there will be no bots. Please don’t ask where the bots are in the channel. XDCC Listing the trigger bot may get you banned.

Q: Why have triggers if you have no bots?
A: There are a couple reason why we have triggers. The system was implemented with the hopes that we will eventually have distro bots. For now they provide torrent, file-share, and direct download links.

Q: How do I use the trigger system?
A: All of the anime and manga triggers have an example. When you first entered the channel you received a notice with a list of triggers and one example. If you type !releases, another list will be provided that displays the full name of the abbreviated name with an example. EG means Example Given. Please do not get an attitude because you do not understand the trigger system. If you cannot read English, you should not be downloading English fansubs.

File-share ServicesUp

Q: Why isn’t there a file-share link here as soon as there is a New Release?
A: The torrent is the priority. Therefore, the links may or may not be available before or after the torrent has sufficient seeds.

Q: Why is there a Part1 and Part 2?
A: Some file-share services have a max of 100mb per file. Therefore, we use WinRAR to split the archive into multiple parts. You will need to use WinRAR (WinXP/Vista) or StuffIt (Mac OSX). There are many other programs that have the same capabilities. If you can’t figure out how to extract multi-part archive, please search google.com or wikipedia.org.

Q: Why do file-share links lead to folders rather then individual links?
A: It is much easier to upload a file then move it to a folder than copy and paste the link to a web page. The folders contain files related to the folder name. Please view a folder to access the individual download links.

Q: Are you concerned about referral logging?
A: A little bit. We’re using a referrer removal service called anonym.to. Why? Basically, this service keeps the file-share services from logging this site.

Q: My country’s max download slots are full!!!
A: Unfortunately, this does happen. However, we have provided multiple download links. If you can’t use those… We are sorry, but you’re just going to need to find another means of downloading. Do not request a direct download link on IRC or you may get banned.

Q: Does wordpress.com care that you post these links?
A: If wordpress.com or the copyright holder(s) contact us about a violation of ToS, we will immediately remove the links. On a side note, the media linked here IS NOT hosted on wordpress.com’s servers. As for the file-share providers, they each have their own copyright clause that states that they will remove media if discovering it is violating their ToS and/or the DMCA.

Q: A link is broken or vanished, what do I do?
A: Report it by commenting Here. Unless it is a new/recent release, we may not re-upload it. We will re-upload it as soon as possible. A quick FYI, reporting on IRC will get you no results. Maybe, just a ban.

Q: I want you to upload to a different service!
A: Do tell! Post a comment Here. We have been looking for a service to replace files-upload and up-file since their service is shady at best… However, we make no promises that we will use your recommendations. Lets see, we are looking for a service that provides a decent file life and won’t remove/block busy files. Right now we have been having a hard time finding places that will allow more then 100MB. Therefore, we may just continue using multi-part archives to upload to Sharebee for the initial release. Of course we would still upload the entire file to megaupload even though people will complain about country slots. There simply isn’t many options. Sharebee saves us a lot of time since there is effortlessly 4 download links from various services. Seriously, these days… who doesn’t have a program that can open multi-part archives? Rhetorical question!

Q: Can I use your links on my site?
A: There is nothing we can do to stop you. Please upload your file to create your unique link.

Q: I’m reporting all your links!
A: Go ahead and do it if you enjoy being an ***! We’ll just change the system for gaining access to the links. So, you’re just helping us make more seeds… ;P


Q: Do you update the affiliate sites?
A: No. The affiliates have access to the distro FTP.

Q: How can I become an affiliate?
A: You must have a method of distro. (xdcc bot, ddl, dedicated seeding) You must also be dedicated to being a member of our distro team.


Q: What exactly is a non-affiliate?
A: Basically, anyone who hosts our releases but has not contacted us to be an affiliate. We place their site under this category so that leechers may have another method of leeching.

Q: I am on of these site’s webmaster and I want to be removed immediately!
A: No problem. We assure you that we did not mean to cause you an problems. Simply contact our Email or an @/~ on IRC. We will remove you as soon as possible.

Q: Can you add a site a site to the non-affiliate list for me?
A: We are looking for sites that host our releases. However, we will not place sites that have requested to be removed on the list. You may suggest sites that you feel should be added to this list on IRC.