D-Frag! Ch 47 [Mg]

And here’s the next chapter. Thanks to all the staff who still want to do this and everyone who patiently waiting for the new chapter.

Thanks for everyone suggestion for the file sharing site. I decide to use Mega for now. If anyone have problem with the link, please comment here.

Chapter 47 reaction


alchemist11 edit: the latest two releases have been added onto the Mediafire Archives (see link in sidebar).

D-Frag! ch. 46 [Mg]

It’s been a while. I’m quite busy with my job and quite forgot about d-frag! for a while. Better late than never though, so here we go. A new chapter of D-Frag!

I can’t promise to release the rest of the chapter as soon as possible though but chapter 47 is coming soon. Btw, there’s only a direct download link for now.

.Chapter 46

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PS: Anyone got recommendation for a good file sharing site?

Update: It seems many people have problem with filecloud so I put sendspace link. I’m still looking for a good file sharing site.

D-Frag! ch. 43 [Mg]

We`re finally picking up the slack. Hopefully this pace will continue on until we catch up to the serialisation again. The story is also… Wait, what story?!

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We made a ver. 2 of the previous chapter. I highly doubt it was anything to do with cleaning or typesetting (latter could be a possibility), so I am not really sure what it fixes. Regardless, the link on the previous release post has been updated to reflect the changes.

D-Frag! Drama CD [Dc]

Uh, yeah, apparently I (we?) still do something. A meta-Drama CD of D-Frag. Crazy stuff inside. It has HanaKana, too.

Also, message from other staffs (paraphrased by me):

The opening lyrics is not quite translatable (by our translators) and therefore sorry if it causes any confusion.

And WRT its manga scan, the translator is having a new job (translating riajuu shit) and therefore can’t release thing anytime soon unless there’s someone else offering to be a translator.

And from myself:

I held this for quite a long time because of being lazy and stuff (having slowpoke internet didn’t help). Also there’s no styling for karaoke etc because of :effort:. There’re some boring tricks (read: kara templater) inside which I didn’t bother to strip. Feel free ripping it off (or laughing off it), etc.


  • timer: D-One
  • translator: Fidzerone
  • typesetter: alchemist11, edogawaconan
  • editor: Zer0|R3, erneiz_hyde, takayuki_narumi, et al.
  • encoder: edogawaconan

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