Saki ch. 79 delayed

And no, not because of the disaster happening in Japan. It’s just because I’ve been playing (and losing at) too much mahjong (complete with cursing and stuff/body-breaking).

I’ve handed the job over to our new typesetter. Hopefully he will be able to finish it soon.

I have no idea whether this week’s release is delayed or not. Let’s just hope the best.

Wanted: Typesetters for Saki!

If you want to see faster releases of your favourite manga, Saki, help us out. Beginners should check out the MangaHelpers forum and the Nerieru-Scans forum for guides and tutorials. Trust me, learning the basics are dead easy and those two places have great step-by-step instructions. Anime-RG’s goal with Saki isn’t the grade, but fast releases with decent quality.

    To Apply:

If you do have experience editing on your own or for a scan group, please show us the cleaned version (doesn’t have to be your clean), the typeset version, and the raw that you used for any manga you worked on. Files are to be emailed to me directly at jonnyquesty2k[at] This also applies to beginners.

Thanks Iamthecheese and svx for offering support.

Delay for Saki ch. 71

Herp derp I’m almost dead attempting to do first-edit of translator’s script.I usually almost dead for every single chapters but this chapter’s is… more wtf than usual.

No, you better not look at it.

Script problem has been solved two weeks ago. The delay is because of me being lazy.

/runs away

Will be released in 12 hours.

Saki ch. 69 [Mg]

Just about time before chapter 70 released. I’m not sure if next one will be done in time as it’ll be school vacation next week or something. I’ll see if I can get fidzerone to translate it.

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Update: sorry, I made typo for the raw provider’s name -.- It should be Demon Roronoa Zoro

Extra (probably shouldn’t be read before reading the chapter):

Continue reading Saki ch. 69 [Mg]

Rewrite – Opening [Gv]

Has been a long time since I typesetted anything. :>

Opening movie from Key’s latest game – Rewrite (release date TBD). Or at least I think it’s the game opening. Taken from the trial promo disk.

Side quest: find and report errors. Be it grammar, translation, encode or whatever.


  • Raw provider: whoever uploaded the game torrent
  • Translator: fidzerone
  • Timer: d-one
  • Typesetter: fudanchii (originally), edogawaconan (finishing touch)
  • Editor: edogawaconan (can’t actually edit, just pretended to)
  • Karaoke Effects: someone from Eclipse (idk who, I just somehow have one of their karaoke template, etc. Probably available publicly somewhere)

Update: hurr durr so my guess was correct.

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