Delay for Saki ch. 71

Herp derp I’m almost dead attempting to do first-edit of translator’s script.I usually almost dead for every single chapters but this chapter’s is… more wtf than usual.

No, you better not look at it.

Script problem has been solved two weeks ago. The delay is because of me being lazy.

/runs away

Will be released in 12 hours.

12 thoughts on “Delay for Saki ch. 71”

  1. Just take your time. The next chapter isn’t until Mid-October anyway, so there’s no hurry.

  2. take ur time . better a good translation with a slow release then a translation that is improvised and guessed in 1 day
    take ur time 🙂 quality over speed

  3. Quality over speed indeed, as long as it comes out before 72 is translated and all *wink*. Anyways, I don’t think yuuki will be able to pull off a fast one otherwise all the other characters’ intros would be a waste. Thanks for the releases + future ones 🙂

  4. Lazy… then… Don’t believe in yourself! Believe in me who believes in you!

  5. My belief, my wish, had no meaning or use. I then found Saki and belief in the strength of the almighty tsumo.

    -One may score goal and win game, and many unhappy, but many happy.
    -Some like ufc where guys do stuff and win by strategy, and many, many are happy.
    -But when somebody tsumos, we are all heading for the bottom of the sea.

    I check this listing each and every day to see if almighty News has forged the next rune in the holy scripture. I check day and day again, and I will continue to do so until the dawn stops coming, or the sanity pact gives its final testiment.

  6. completely off topic – why do people want to win in everything ? i dont like winning . because if i mean it means somebody else loses and ends up getting hurt . i cant live with the guilt

  7. Because losing just means you need to get up again stronger. If you don’t want to win, then you don’t want the people to get stronger.

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