2 thoughts on “Venus Versus Virus – 02 [An]”

  1. Noticeable improvement over the first episode. Keep at it guys. Looking forward to Gin-iro.

  2. A rather good release and an improvement over the previous episode, but there were still some grammar errors. For starters, some corrections for the opening:

    *I felt a sad voice saying “save me from the darkness”

    *No one believes it, but I want to save them [although I feel that “you” is more suitable than “them” in this case, that’s up to you]

    *The color of sin [wasn’t really an error, but this sounds better]

    *Romaji correction: Minagete, not minakerya

    *”Save me from the darkness” was my scream

    Also, I think the last line would be better off as “I waver; Bravin’ my heart” for the sole reason that messing with Engrish makes me sad.

    Hope this was any help. Keep it up!

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